Post Genre is a mission driven organization focused on connecting the Oakland music scene with its larger community. We believe the connective quality of live music can be used as a tool to redefine a more vibrant and resilient artistic culture in Pittsburgh. 
Our “steel city” was an industrial backbone to the growing United States, and now as the country evolves toward healthcare and technology, Pittsburgh is moving with it. As we grow and gain access to more resources, Post-Genre aims to protect and develop our cities’ cultural roots. That means reminding people of the value of art: in bringing beauty to the community, and in showing each other that we are not alone.
So what type of music do we support? We believe in the artists who don’t fit into a single category, because life can’t be defined in just one category, and creation stems from the human experience. No person is just one thing – good, bad, serious, or sad. All of us are all of those things, and as music is a reflection of life, we support the artists who are sharing their own truths, no matter what they sound like, in the hopes that it might bring us a little bit closer.
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