The Southsiders

Formed in the spring of 2022 by Pitt student Andrew Wang (saxophone, vocals), The Southsiders are a six-piece band consisting of Wang alongside his fellow students Ray Calamari (lead vocals) Eli Mignogna (drums), Sam Burkhimer (guitar) and Caleb Finamore (bass, vocals) as well as Carnegie Mellon student Taha Shaikh (keyboard). Fueled by Calimari’s energetic vocals, a trio of proficient soloists in Burkhimer, Wang, and Shaikh, and a rhythm section in Finamore and Mignogna that produces an undeniable groove, The Southsiders have developed a sound of their own, blending indie, hip-hop, and funk in a unique way that local band Social Haul could only describe as “unbelievably tight.”
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